TARA North Texas is an official chapter of the Texas Asian Republican Assembly (TARA). The Texas Asian Republican Assembly was established on June 8,2013 at the second quarterly State Republican Executive Committee as an official auxiliary to the Republican Party of Texas.  TARA’s mission is to engage the growing Asian American community and build relationships based on the core values that we have in common.

The objectives of the Texas Asian Republicans Assembly and its chapters are:

  • To be an official auxiliary organization of the Republican Party of Texas, in doing so support the initiatives and objectives of the Republican National Committee and the state and county Republican parties in Texas
  • To promote Republican views and ideals through the efforts of member clubs and organizations
  • To promote the education of Asian Americans in the political process and the views of the Republican Party
  • To provide a voice for Asian Americans in Texas
  • To assist in the election of the nominees of the Republican Party at all levels in Texas
  • To identify Asian American Republican clubs and communities around the state already in existence to coordinate with and aid
  • To assist in the founding of new Asian American Republican clubs in Texas
  • To identify, educate, promote, and support qualified Republican Asian Americans candidates running for political office

Visit  Texas Asian Republican Assembly GOP

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